When Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom came out in 1962, his was a rare voice defending classical liberal values and the free enterprise system.  For years his ideas were unloved in ruling circles, as the leviathan unleashed by F.D.R.’s  New Deal pressed its tentacles even further into the flesh of American society through Johnson’s Great […]

I’m pleased to announce that Laconics of Liberty is now available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.  This is an annotated edition of a collection of liberty-minded quotations, short passages and poems that Charles T. Sprading assembled back in 1913.  The paperback version was published in April. For the most part the conversion to […]

A few words about a little project I’ve been working on lately, which has now come to fruition and yielded a little book. If you’ve ever looked into the origins of libertarianism you may have come across Charles Sprading’s 1913  Liberty and the Great Libertarians.  This was an anthology of pro-liberty texts, mainly chapter length […]

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