Laconics of Liberty now available as a Kindle eBook

I’m pleased to announce that Laconics of Liberty is now available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.  This is an annotated edition of a collection of liberty-minded quotations, short passages and poems that Charles T. Sprading assembled back in 1913.  The paperback version was published in April.

For the most part the conversion to an eBook was straightforward.  The hardest part was getting the 165 footnotes of the print version to play nicely with the Kindle platform.  As you probably know, the Kindle does not have fixed “pages.”  Everything flows freely, depending on what font size the reader chooses.

The old solution was to turn the footnotes into end notes, link to them from the text, and then have a return link for the end note.  This was not very user-friendly.  The better solution is to have the note popup at the bottom of the page (similar to where footnotes would be in a print version) so they can be easily consulted and dismissed.  That is what I’ve done and I think you’ll like it.  It looks like this:


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