Guidelines for Comments

Comments are welcome, including anonymous comments.  However all comments will be moderated and those that violate one or more of the following rules may be unceremoniously rejected:

  1. Be interesting. Bugs Bunny playing “Yes I did/No you didn’t” with Elmer Fudd may have been entertaining back when I was 4-years old, but that level of debate no longer interests me. So please bring a new spin or a different point of view to the topic.
  2. Add to the conversation. By “add” I mean bring something that is not already there. Simply repeating me is not interesting. Simply negating me is not interesting. I know some disagree with me. I hope so. It would have been pointless for me to post something that everyone agreed with. But simply saying you agree or disagree is not adding to the conversation. Adding to the conversation also implies staying on topic.
  3. Keep it out of the mud. Personal attacks and profanity will not be allowed.
  4. Don’t annoy me. This doesn’t mean you need to agree with me, but don’t annoy me. It is my blog and I can delete faster than you can type.
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