Pictures of the Socialistic Future

Eugen Richter (1838-1906) is not a name that prompts immediate recognition, at least not in the English-speaking world.  He was, in the late 19th century, the preeminent advocate for free markets and institutions in German politics.  He took a stance, as libertarians do today, criticizing both left and right.  He was outspoken both against the socialists (Marxists) as well as against the conservative, Bismarck, especially opposing his tariffs.  He did this as a journalist, but also in the arena, with a seat in the Reichstag, as leader of various short-lived political parties, such as the Freisinnige Partei (Free-minded Party).

In 1891 Richter wrote a popular work, Sozialdemokratische Zukunftsbilder: Frei nach Bebel, literally “Social-democratic future pictures, freely adapted from Bebel.”  August Bebel (1840-1913) was a near-contemporary of Richter, and founder of the German Social Democrats.  Social Democrats back then were pretty much hard-core Marxists and remained so until after WWII.   So, to avoid confusion, the English translation of Richter’s book is titled, Pictures of the Socialistic Future.

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